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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Эпические стихи и притчи русского севера

Эпические стихи и притчи русского севера
(из собрания фонограммархива Пушкинского Дома)
Записи 1896 - 1986, выпуск 1990. П2М-49311 (без знаков "Мелодия")

Epic poetry and parables of the Russian North
(from the sound archive of Pushkin House)
Recordings 1896 - 1986, published 1990. П2М-49311 (no "Melodiya" sign)



Жужу said...

There is a mistake in my tagging - all tracks must be tagged as "Russia Karelia" and not "Russia Arkhangelsk". Both Zaonezhye and Pudozh are regions of karelia.

Miguel said...

Oh my dog, so many mistakes...

and I thought only bulls make mistakes...


Michael said...