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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Нажия Аллаярова: Башкирские песни

Нажия Аллаярова: Башкирские песни
Nazhiya Allayarova: Bashkir songs

1977, Мелодия С30-09215


... и с наступающим! :-)

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Miguel said...


It's me again... Amazing... Just been listening to Nazhiya Allayarova: Bashkir songs... Bashkir? one might ask at first... and then the kurai comes in... but once it's done, there is peace... and thats what the kurai does and that is what she does... Bashkir for sure... even I don't understand a word... and none of the songs seem to be traditional... but there is "that" feeling... :)

thanks again & all my best whishes for the coming year and more music like this (in the same spirit)