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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Безнең ил - Наша отчизна

Безнең ил
Татар халык җырлары

Наша отчизна
Татарские народные песни
Запись 1988, выпуск 1989. Мелодия С30-29043 (2LP)

Our homeland
Tatar folk songs
Recorded 1988, published 1989. Melodiya С30-29043 (2LP)



Жужу said...

Of course, these are not the folk songs of the Tatar villages. These are the state-sponsored arrangements, which constitute the overwhelming majority of the Soviet Tatar discography. In fact this is the last generation of this kind of activity, just three years before the break up of USSR. Samples of the villages styles can be found in the well known album by Laszlo Vikar for Tangent (republished by Topic). To my taste, some other compilations (like the "Mangelek mon" which is still available in online CD-shops) preserve better material and a wider timespan.

tim abdellah said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Welcome back Zhuzhu, you have been missed!

I'm loving the Tatar stuff you've uploaded.

In recent years it has become fashionable to put down the state-sponsored arrangements (of any Soviet region) in favour of the more authentic sounding recordings of village amateur musicians. But I've found good and bad stuff in both types of recordings.