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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Напевы Азербайджанских Ашыгов 2

Azərbaycanın Aşıq havaları 2
Imran Hǝsǝnov

Напевы Азербайджанских Ашыгов 2
Имран Гасанов
Запись 1989, выпуск 1991. Мелодия С30-31137

Melodies of the Azerbaijanian Ashiks 2
Imran Hasanov
Recorded 1989, published 1991. Мелодия С30-31137



Tawfiq said...

Excellent. Thank you.

bolingo69 said...

Thank you very much!

Very nice to see your blog building so much good content!


Miguel said...

Yes, les ashiqs...

are real...


will listen again...

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT disc - I love this! Good to see no.3 as well. I wonder if anyone has no.1 ?!