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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Muxtorjon Murtazoyev qo’shiqlari

Muxtorjon Murtazoyev qo’shiqlari

Песни Мухтарджана Муртазоева
(Старейшие мастера искусств Узбекистана, выпуск 27)
Записи 1971 – 1987, выпуск 1989. Мелодия М30-49005

Songs by Mukhtorjon Murtazoyev
(Old masters of Uzbek arts, volume 27)
Recorded 1971 – 1987, published 1989. Мелодия М30-49005

1 comment:

David Wyatt said...

Thank you for this one - interesting to me as I think it's the first Uzbek LP I've seen where the *composer* of the song is named, even celebrated. I was beginning to think that all 'compositions' were in some sense common property...and yet here is the 'old favourite' "Fargonacha tong ongutcha" presented as a composition of Murtazoyev! Do you perhaps have any sources/info on Murtazoyev, or on composers in Uzbek song? (Perhaps Tawfiq will read this and help too!)

Thank you, again - a lovely LP, and what an interesting variety of singers!