Жужу предлагает вам хорошие советские пластинки.
Zhuzhu suggests to you nice soviet vinyls and shellacs.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Turgʻun Alimatov 

Тургун Алиматов 
Запись 1981, выпуск 1982. Мелодия C30-16839 

Turgun Alimatov
Recorded 1981, published 1982. Мелодия C30-16839



bolingo69 said...

One of my great musical Heros! I have listened to his music, especially to his sensitive bow on the Seto that seems to pull my heart out and then gently embed again in warm softness!

Thank yoy very much for posting this for all to hear ZhuZhu!

My greetings to your mother! She should be very proud to have such an intelligent and kind puppy ;-)

Tawfiq said...

Dear Zhuzhu,
thank you very much again. This is already an answer to my question in my comment to your previous post.
I hope you will post many more Melodia LPs from the former oriental sowjet republics.
I'm looking for years for somebody making these musical treasures avilable. I myself have only a limited collection and will make these available in my blog over the next couple of months. Thanks again

Miguel said...


roberth said...

409ah the master he is feautured in the book one hundred thousand fools of god. i love this in the west all that is available is one ocora cd.
thank you
i just got out of the hospital and this is truely a live force gift