Жужу предлагает вам хорошие советские пластинки.
Zhuzhu suggests to you nice soviet vinyls and shellacs.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Співає Уляна Кот

Співає Уляна Кот. Українські народні пісні.
Поёт Ульяна Кот. Украинские народни песни.
Ulyana Kot sings ukrainian folk songs

Волынское Полесье. Запись 1984, выпуск 1985. Мелодия С30-22383



bolingo69 said...

Fantastic beginnings of a blog that is bound to prosper! Such a wealth of traditions and material and so little exposed to any wider audiences. Looking forward to follow this blog on its steady steps to wider fame and recognition! Love the dandelion (蒲公英) spreading its weed seed. They are also great for making a traditional wine! Maskrosvin "wormrosewine" May the music shared here spread like those seeds and may we all be mildly intoxicated from the music like from the sweet wine!

Hodie said...

Very impressive your blog, Sir... And still working the link!!... Good choose is mediafire. Ok, greetings from south Brazil by a 100% pure Ukrainian Hutzul descendent.