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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Поют Духоборцы Джавахетии

Напишите во сердцах, возвестите во устах
Поют Духоборцы Джавахетии (Грузия; с. Гореловка, Орловка, Спасовка)

Write it in the hearts, pronounce it in the mouths
The Dukhobors  ("spirit-wrestlers") of Javakheti
(Georgia; villages Gorelovka, Orlovka and Spasovka)

Составитель С. Никитина. Запись 1987 & 1990, выпуск 1993. Апрелевка C30-30693

За грузка


arvind said...

Welcome to the blog world, zhuzhu! So nice to see you here, and to see these records getting a larger audience!

All the best, and hope you have a good time here!


SelkieSongs said...

any chance you could re-upload this one?