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Friday, June 10, 2011

Русская народная музыка Севера и Сибири

Русская народная музыка Севера и Сибири.
Записи 1938 - 84, выпуск 1990, Мелодия М20-49443 (2LP)

Russian folk music of the North and of Siberia.
Recorded 1938 - 84, published 1990, Мелодия М20-49443 (2LP)



bolingo69 said...

This one looks beautiful! I'll put it on my "walk around don't listen to anyone else or at least try to avoid unintentional eavesdropping on stupid conversations in the underground" player ...

B.t.w. question while you are still there, could you vacum the place for any old Malodiya that you don't already have of Central Asian, Uzbeki, Azeri, Tadjiki, long list you know already ;-) are they still to be found? Maybe not around where you are! Hope you are find, here today is very windy! Nice sun but even the wasps are seeking refugee in my study ;-)

roberth said...

great stuff. sounds!!! i love this site. there may be many things wrong with the world. but at least we get to hear the music we all make
. thanks it says something about being alive. and i just had a heart attack one month ago. i am still alive
and the sounds cause me to rejoice